Over the years, Agartha Investment Global Ltd has proved its mettle, capacity and integrity in supplies business relating to the following commodities:


·         Thai Long-Grain Parboiled Rice:   

o        Thai Origin

o        Sortexed 100%

o        Sortexed 5% broken

Number 1 best-seller worldwide, with wide use and consumption worldwide (from the point of quality and price).  Supply capacity of over 5,000mt per shipment.


·         NPK 15 15 15 / UREA 46

o   An efficient ways of enhancing crop yields in the use of Nitrogen Fertilizers

o        Most commonly used and on global scale

o        High Density Nitrogen Fertilizer is UREA

o        Nutrient content of a minimum 46.2%

o        Packaging in 50kg bags, (poly-bags, seaworthy)

o        Free-flowing-100% ant caking treated

o        Granular in appearance

o        95% min (1-4.25mm) in particular sizes.

o        Quantity: min 12,500mt

An efficient way of enhancing crop yields in the use of Nitrogen Fertilizers.   Most commonly used and on a global scale.

·         Agricultural Equipment Supply

o        Such as Traction and Power

o        Tracked Tractor/Caterpillar

o        Good for Soil Cultivation

o        Machines for Planting

o        Machines for Fertilizer & Pest Control

o        Machines for Irrigation

o        Machines for Produce Sorter

o        Machines for Harvesting and Post-Harvest

o        Machines for Hay Making

o        Machines for Loading

o        Machines for Milking

o        Other Farm Machinery


·         Real Estate Management

o        Invest in Asset Management

o        Construction and Real Estate

o        Invest in Real Estate and Hotels

o      Partners with interested Investors in Developing the Projects

As a registered company with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, we are also eligible to bid for:

o        Bonny Light

o        Bitumen

o        Fuel-Oil

o        Base-Oil

o        LNG Allocation

o        AGO

o        JP54

o        LPFO

o        D2

o        FLCO